The Zitos

Barry Zito and his family founded Strikeouts For Troops in 2005 and went on to raise over three million dollars for injured veterans returning home from war. 

He pitched professionally for 15 years in the MLB, was a 3 time All-star, Cy Young award winner and World Series champion. Since his retirement Barry has turned his focus even more than before to supporting our courageous veterans in this country.

Amber has always had passion for veterans as she watched her father serve 24 years in the National Guard. She is eager to do all she can to serve and support the true heroes of this great country.


“I’ve been in the military for 15 years and just knowing I didn’t have to worry about finding a job on my own has made all the difference and given me peace of mind,” said Sgt. Thompson. “My family and I are supported in more ways than I can count through this program and I get to continue to contribute to society through a meaningful career.”
— Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Marvin Thompson


Easterseals believes our veterans and military families can succeed where they live.

We leverage our nationwide network of community-based centers, while working with private and public sector leaders in communities, to create better ways for America’s veterans and military families to succeed in meaningful employment, education, and overall wellness.

Easter Seals Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services works to break down barriers, drive a new conversation about the potential of our veterans, engage businesses and communities, and connect veterans and military families with the tools they need to thrive where they live.


Harbaugh Foundation

Easterseals and the Harbaugh Foundation are proud to partner with the goal of helping Veterans and their families get the services and supports they need.

George and Betty Harbaugh gave to numerous causes and helped countless people throughout their lifetime, but you would never know it by talking to them. After his wife’s passing, George wanted to ensure that Betty’s and his estate was left to better the lives of others, hence the formation of the George & Betty Harbaugh Charitable Foundation. While he was legendary for his conservative spending, George’s life was secretly filled with gifts to people in need. Only after George’s passing was the full extent of his generosity realized, as more and more of his friends surfaced with stories of his big-heartedness.

The George and Betty Harbaugh Foundation is also committed to supporting Easterseals' capacity to better meet the needs of individuals with disability.